Lodge-Buddy (LB) Introductory Guide


LB handles many aspects of client details pertaining to bookings and management. It is designed to be compatible with almost any environment, while maintaining user friendliness in the best possible manner.




Functions: Summary


a)      Available 24 hours with internet connectivity anywhere.

b)      Client management

c)      Booking management, Booking History

d)     Invoice/payment management.

e)      Basic Stock Management

f)       Messages/Tasks

g)      Notes

h)      Multi-user capable with access control

i)        Basic Management reports




The following functions are available:


1. Client Management


a)      The system holds key information pertaining to clients

b)      The system can also retain information for a personal address book like Family and friend details.

c)      The system generates auto references. On request, your specific auto generation requirement can be programmed into LB as you require. Currently the default auto generation is used by using the first three letter of the Surname, with a sequential number.

d)     A Lookup screen can find your client in a matter of seconds, based on full or partial matches.


2. Bookings:


a)      The booking system uses a chart to display the critical information about the next 7 days’ bookings.

b)      The booking utility can be inserted into any current Web-site. This will ensure any lodge can provide real-time booking and availability to potential clients booking via the web-site.

c)      Bookings are fully configurable. LB also allows for a user to be placed on Standby should rooms not be available at the time. Any cancellation will then prompt the lodge to supply the room to standby clients.

d)     Bookings are fully changeable and flexible. Eg rooms can be swapped, dates can be moved.

e)      Confirmation Emails are sent to both the administrative contact on LB and the Client, provided an email specified.

f)       Daily Schedules are sent to the business, for both records, and in the event of PC failures, etc.


3. Rooms:


a)      Room configurations are completely configurable to match your institution and hold details like:

1.      Room number and names

2.      Phone extension numbers

3.      Room types like Self-catering-, dining-, standard-, conference-types

4.      Capacity s room can handle

5.      Extras like TV, DSTV, Heater, Air-conditioner, etc…


4. Account:


a)      Items to a client can be recorded and used on Invoices.

b)      Any amount of items can be added to the Current invoice for the duration of the person’s stay.

c)      Stock Items allocated to an account is also deducted on the stock counts.

d)     Transaction can be listed per period.


5. Users:


a)      Any amount of users can be created on Lodge-Buddy like Other Administrators, operators, agents etc…

b)      Because LB is internet based, any user can maintain his records from anywhere at anytime with internet connectivity.

c)      Users can be restricted to what they can do.


6. Messages:


a)      A messaging system is available to keep track of items for yourself or between users.

b)      Messages can be set to display between periods, and also has a “Due” Indicator to make it stand out.

c)      Messages can be of type “Message” or Task


7. Notes:


a)      Notes can be attached to customers, like special dietary needs, or any other relevant information to keep


8. Reports:

a)      There are some basic reports available that can be accessed under the “Report” Menu section.

b)      Further information for certain reports will be available on request or added shortly.




The licensing cost is currently as follows (Revised: 01/12/2010).


Standard: R350 p/month (Excludes:  Creditor Transaction, Free SMS’ses, Onsite Application, Squeak Chat, No Advertising Options on Lodge-Buddy)

Premium: R500 p/month


Summary and other benefits:


a)      The booking module can be inserted into any current website and will allow potential clients to book or reserve their spot in real-time.

b)      Available rooms are automatically shown.

c)      Rooms can be configured.

d)     Invoicing/Receipt/Statement to client functionalities

e)      Advertisement/Promotions on Lodge-Buddy (Available Shortly)

f)       Backup of your client/booking details

g)      Daily reports

h)      Available 24 hours via internet anywhere

i)        Stock control.

j)        Multi-user.

k)      Messages/Task Reminders between users or self.

l)        Bookings are fully changeable.

m)    Basic reports to facilitate some aspects of clients. (Additional reports per specification can be requested,

n)      Squeak internal chat facility between users.

o)      SMS functionality


Bits & Bytes also host the following additional services:


a)      Domain web/email hosting services

b)      BULK SMS applications

c)      Fax2Email/Email2Fax services

d)     Cellphone backup services

e)      Health products and services

f)       Debt Collection management systems