Release Notes:
    C.A.T (Client Administration Tool) 
    Release Notes:
    03/11/2016 (v16.05)
    (Update) Set the default status for new clients as “Active”.
    (Update-CPA) Changed the email subject description for all mediation reports to more descriptive titles, and include the reference.
    (Update-CPA) Updated CPA monitor screens to fit better on monitor based on the amount of screens selected to monitor.
    (New) Added New Statement document for Creditors.
    (Fixed) Fixed SQL error when updating a creditor receipt.
    (Update) Updated Nature's Choice Pricelist to display available items only.
    (New) Added calendar, notes, client lookup and tasks to new CAT Mobile layouts.
    (Update) Adjusted printer configs for PE Blinds label printer.
    (Update) Updated various elements in the Profit/Loss report to new standards.
    (New) Added Credit Summary report to list all creditors, the amount of invoices and the total invoiced amounts from creditors for the period specified.
    (Update) Updated various elements in the creditor account listing screen to newer standards.
    (Update) Update elements in the VAT report to newer standards.
    (Update) Updated elements in the Income/Expense report to newer standards.
    (Update) Updated startup checks in menu, stats, and statement screens.
    (New) Added new allocation checks in the import CSV payment screen when processing bank statements.
    (New) Added new search function on the stock/invoice item screen. The Item code or item description can now be individually searched.
    (New) Added new framework to scan in/update barcodes for items in bulk.
    (New) Added new function on notes/comment to email or sms recipients on the note/comment details.
    (Update) Tweaked some functions introduced in v16.04.
    (Update) Updated elements in the Daily Cashup report to newer standards.
    (Update) Removed barcodes from label printing.
    (New) Added new famework to access email accounts from CAT. Access your email on your email server. (BETA)
    (Update) Minor tweaks to the task progress tracker screens.
    (Fixed) Fixed Age analysis calculations not updated on account statement screen.